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        Current location:Quality Assurance
        Quality Assurance

        HS company has established a perfect quality assurance system based on the requirements of cGMP, ISO9001 and ISO2000, which is updated every 3 years.

        Since ISO approved in 2005,we have been insisting on high quality and innovation based on SOP requirements, strictly controlling product quality and operating in good faith. When fake products of chondroitin sulfate sodium appeared in domestic and foreign markets, LCSOLUTION high-performance liquid phase was first purchased, a large amount of data was accumulated. It was concluded that the difference between the detection results of E-HPLC (enzyme-labeled high-performance liquid phase) and CPC (potentiometric titration) was about 5%, which made an important contribution to the identification of genuine and fake chondroitin sulfate sodium. Meanwhile HS is the first company proposed to control the two standards of sulfate and chloride under the US Pharmacopoeia, and truly achieved the chondroitin sulfate sodium index fully complies with all the tests under the USP.

        April 2012, FDA inspection officials came to our factory for a three-day audit and passed the audit. August 2012, HS obtained GMP certificate issued by NSF and listed on NSF official website. May 2014, HS was successfully registered in Ukraine, November 2015, HS obtained the registration of Japanese drugs, March 2017, the MSc certification was updated, March 2018, HS obtained the registration certificate of export food manufacturers, June 2019 HS obtained the API registration number: y2019000453, October 2019, the production license of chondroitin sulfate sodium (API) was successfully renewed.

        HS company has a number of high sense of responsibility and rich professional experienced staff who carry out the work routine analytic testing to meet the requirements of different customer specifications. We have High Performance Liquid Chromatograph more than one, Infrared Spectrophotometer, Cetylpyridinium Chloride Automatic Titrator, Microbiological Testing Lab. We brought in highly educated personnel to undertake new analysis method development and validation, all documents and records are in order of control.